Another poem from Scattered Fragments By Clare Collins

No Tomorrow

The shattered pane of glass

Lies smashed upon the ground

The crystalled pieces all around,

And so the ruins of a broken heart

Lies smashed within the soul

Cutting deep into the mind.

The broken dreams of childhood

Are not forgotten

And silently the soul

Recalls the sweetness of a dream

Dashed upon the rocks,

And like the shattered pane of glass

Tomorrow lies smashed.

This is a poem written nearly fifty years ago when I was fifteen. My father had died a few months previously and when I wrote this poem I had no idea that I was actually suffering from unexpressed grief and depression. The depression which continued to haunt my life. Up to that moment I had loved reading poetry, but never thought of writing any myself.  This life changing event changed that and I have continued to write poetry particularly in times of trouble.

Scattered Fragments is currently free on Kindle until and including Tues 20th of October 2015. It also includes poems about other life experiences.

Not all my poems are about depression. For a more light hearted collection see At the Kitchen Sink and Everyday Poems.


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